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1001 Easy Healthy Recipes


Our easy healthy recipes are quick to make and packed full of nutritional goodness. But it is not just healthy home cooked meals that you will find here but also easy recipes for baking, deserts, kids' meals, preserves, candy and drinks.


We live in an era where time is precious and reaching for the fast food menu or frozen meal is  all too common.  However, making home cooked meals from scratch doesn't have to take too much time or effort. Not only that, but you will also save a lot of money by making your own meals.

Wondering what to cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Look no further. Most of our easy healthy recipes don't take more than 30 minutes to cook, sometimes even less, and for those of you are are not just health conscious but are also trying to lose some weight, we have recipes for healthy snacks and diets.

All our healthy recipes come with images, and some even have videos showing you step-by-step processes and tips for cooking, baking, jam and candy making and canning. 

If you see  this picture, it means that we have used honey in the recipe. If you are serious about your health, ditch the sugar and use honey                instead. If you are diabetic and would prefer not to use honey at all, you could                 substitute honey or sugar with equal amounts of either mashed banana or unsweetened applesauce in any of our baking recipes.

So a very warm welcome to the All-Homemade website for easy healthy recipes whether you are a novice or a pro! Lovely to have you here! We hope you will make this your go-to site when looking for quick, but nutritious recipes.

Our Library of Healthy Recipes

Healthy Meals
Tabbouleh with Herbs
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